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Recent news

From now on, you'll see IC 434 only on rare occasions on stage. The future of this project is unclear. Nowadays, the focus lies on sideproject Skyshifter.

In 2015, the first songs of the new side project SKYSHIFTER were revealed. Feel free to visit the facebook page http://www.facebook.com/skyshiftermusic and have a listen at http://soundcloud.com/skyshiftermusic .

We're also mastering again from 2015 on. Feel free to contact us if interested.

The latest IC 434 album Anhedonia was released on December the 9th 2011, once again by German INFACTED RECORDINGS. IC 434 deals in this album with typical subjects as society criticism, animal abuse and astronomical descriptions, linked with personal experiences frontman Geert de Wilde has had with death and mental pain. 'Anhedonia' is defined as the inability to experience pleasure from activities usually found enjoyable.

Available at almost every on line shop, as CD or mp3 format.

The new song Sangre De Toro, taken from the new album, was released on Electronic Body Matrix 1 compilation of ALFA MATRIX earlier in 2011.

Because of an overflow of bands called PANGEA (leading to some confusing situations), this IC 434 side project is renamed PANGEAN DREAMS. Please find us at our new Facebook profile www.facebook.com/pangeandreams.

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